What Is This?

This will create a small line of code which you can add to your Myspace "About Me" section which will allow your friends to quickly send you instant messages through AIM.

To Use

Simpily type your screen name in the box labeled Screen Name below, then Press Generate. Then copy the code (by highlighting it, and pressing Control + C) and pasting it in to your "About Me" section in your Myspace (by pressing Control + V). Press Submit on your Myspace, and Bam! you now have a link to your AIM Screen Name.


Create Link




Note: This does not yet work in Microsoft Internet Explorer becuase I am lazy, and it already gave me enough shit with trying to code to standards. I am not quite ready to deal with IE qirks quite yet. If you want to complain, please e-mail me. In the mean time, get a better web browser and make me happy. Yes, now this officially works in IE, rock on. Still, you should get a better web browser and make me happy.


So I decided to try a more snazzy graphic style. Let me know how you like it. I may end up making it a bit smaller, as it seems kind of large now. Soon I plan on implementing a method of selecting one of numerous styles to apply to the link. Possible styles may be:

If you have any other ideas, or want the original text style which I removed, please feel free to contact me, and I'll send it over to you.

Also coming up soon: A simple button for your web browser which will remove the most annoying of Myspace Styles. Click the button, *poof*, back to default myspace look. I am just trying to work a rather odd bug out which makes the profile tend to disappear, but the code is basically done.