Warning: This does not work any more.
Myspace blocked adding images which link to their servers. If you really want to get this to work, download the correct user pictures, upload them somewhere ese, like photobucket, and then link to that as the profile picture instead.

Use this tool to create comments which look like they have been posted by someone else on your friend's myspace. With a little creativity you can figure out how to bind multiple fake comments together and create a whole fake conversation on your friend's page.

Note: Because I was lazy when I wrote this, Javascript must be enabled in order for it to run. Maybe if I am bored one day, I will allow it to also be submitted as a form to the server with the generated code as a response.

Comment Creator

This stopped working correctly many months ago due to new comment restrictions. I just now put up a message telling y'all. Maybe sometime I'll get it working again.


Place the name and location of the your friend's (read: victim's) profile whom will be receiving the fake comment. This is optional, and makes it a bit easier to post the comment.

The victim's dispay name?
Copy & paste victim's URL
Your Comment

In order to post a fake comment, you also need to post a real comment, which will appear above it. In this field place the contents of your real comment.

Fake Comment

Use the fields below to generate a fake comment. You will need to gather some information about the person's Myspace such as their profile and image URLs. If you don't know how to do this, I don't recommend using this tool. If you are still interested, learn to explore the source code of the page.

The fake display name.
Fake profile address.
Small pic from friend's page.
Example: 1/21/2005 4:20 PM
Comment on to top of others?
Source Code to Post

The source code for your fake comment. Copy and paste this into the Myspace comment box.


  1. Added link to your "friend's" myspace page.
  2. Fixed broken Pin-to-Top box always being checked.
  3. Added some other little stuff. Look at source if you wanna know

Meanspace Fake Comment Generator Version 1.1.0